Sent my “So Long, and Thanks for a...

“So Long and Thanks for all the Fish!” – the dolphins

Though Maggie did suggest I call it the “Sock email” (Dobby is FREEE!), I liked the Hitchhiker vibe of that name.   I wrote it Thursday morning, to give folks a bit of time before I did the final shutdown of my laptop.  I never know what’s most appropriate to say in emails like that, nor what the right group of people would be to send it to .  I gave it my best shot though and no-one SEEMED to be offended, so it must have worked!   I really did work with a lot of talented people, and will miss them.

“I think I’m quite ready for another adventure” – Bilbo

I hope I am anyway.  I never like looking for a job, but it’s always a new adventure once I’ve found my next position.  I’ve learned a bit over the years on what’s the right fit – my biggest challenge is to know “what I want to be when I grow up.”   I suppose it’s a good thing to be a bit of a generalist, but in a way I miss the days when I was a tech guru in a specific field.  I suppose jack of all trades isn’t so bad!   It will certainly be an adventure finding the right thing in Jacksonville – I’m looking forward to understanding the city a lot better.

Welcome, getting started

Hi there, and thanks for visiting my site.  Obviously, I’m JUST getting started and there’s a lot left to do.  I’ve a lot of IT skills, but making great web pages is NOT really one of them – so please bear with me as I continue to work towards that.

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