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Summary of my experience

Senior Technical Manager with 25+ years of experience in optimizing IT productivity, enhancing client satisfaction, reducing response times to technical issues, and allowing technical resources to focus on core operations.  Highly experienced with diverse technical teams including SysAdmins, DBA, Storage and Application Administration.


Value Proposition

I’ve decades of experience in almost all areas of IT.  I’m able to directly contribute in these areas, often at a very technical level. However, my real value is in managing and leading the teams of IT team members fully focused on these areas while I focus on the bigger picture (including project and program management, team dynamics, business needs, and asking the uncomfortable questions that help make better solutions).


Okay, can you get more specific?  Why would I want to hire you?



  • I work to understand what the business really needs. I’ve worked with multiple industry sectors and am comfortable with quickly acclimating to their unique requirements.
  • I’m experienced in working with multiple teams (my own and others) to focus on measurable achievement



  • I’ve extensive experience in working with teams whose individuals are often both diverse (multi-generational and multicultural) as well as working remotely (from myself, each other, and the end-users).  I’m comfortable with managing, retaining, and motivating often eclectic IT team members to high performance.
  • I’m able to pull together a team (or set of teams) to work together effectively – and to work in conjunction with other teams AND the business to perform better.


Technical Leadership

The following are examples of some of the areas of IT that I’ve particularly focused upon. My technical proficiency varies from a strong understanding and background on through the capability to execute that role myself. My best value however is in managing the team(s) of people who focus on performing these tasks.

  • Database Administration.  I’ve implemented and coded for databases for many years.
  • Software Development. I coded for years then moved on to managing development teams (including Agile development).
  • System Administration.  I’m comfortable both doing and managing admin work in both Linux and Windows, with experience on AIX as well.
  • Application Administration. Providing the administration and troubleshooting of application servers or major third-party systems that are critical to a business.
  • Virtual, and Cloud administration. I’ve experience in managing these both directly and through teams.
  • Storage and Networking. I’m very familiar with the fundamentals as well as some of the more common issues found.